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Every year people in Montgomery, Chester, Berks and Delaware County deal with wildlife animal control issues that cause hundreds of dollars in damage. Also, residents have become more concerned with health issues associated with Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal, Bat Removal, Squirrel Removal, Groundhog Removal...etc. Through our animal control techniques, we can remove and provide services to prevent your problem from reoccurring. For the highest-quality, fully warranted animal damage repairs and exclusion in the industry, call Patriot Pest Solutions.

Patriot Pest Solutions is one of the area's leading wildlife control experts. We practice the most efficient, humane, and environmentally friendly ways to remove and prevent animals and birds from invading your space.

Here are a few reasons why is Patriot Pest Solutions the best choice for your animal exclusion and damage repair needs:

  • We're the Experts in wildlife control and wild animal exclusion. Through years of experience, we've learned to "think like" the animals we deal with. We'll be sure to find — and seal — every last nook, cranny, crack, gap, or hole that animals may use to gain entry.
  • Our Pricing is Competitive. We know you have choices, and we want your business. So we make sure that our prices are fair and competitive when compared to what other skilled craftsmen would charge for comparable, high-quality work.
  • Our Work is Warranted. We stand behind our work with the industry's best warranty. Patriot Pest Solutions will do your animal-proofing work the way it should be done, and we'll be here to stand behind our work. Patriot Pest Solutions is fully insured and licensed.

Patriot Pest Solutions is a local, family owned business with over 20 years experience in wildlife exclusion. We provide humane live trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife. If you have a wild animal emergency, such as an animal in your home or causing damage to the exterior of your house, call us immediately. We are a fully insured and licensed contractor.

At Patriot Pest Solutions we have over 20 years of experience in all types of wildlife removal and access control, including:

Licenses and Affiliations:

  • PA Game Commission
  • PA Trappers Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association
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